Do I have to spend all my time with my StayLancer?

Not at all! Some HostLancers love having company, enjoy being a guide, and want to have their StayLancer over for dinner every night and include them in all their activities. Other HostLancers prefer less social interaction with their StayLancer. Neither is right or wrong; it is just about preferences. If you are a HostLancer who prefers your own space, you might suggest that your StayLancer lives slightly separate from you (if you have something like a yurt or cabin on your property), arranging to see each other during certain times each week. Some HostLancers prefer to provide their StayLancers with a fridge full of groceries and a wish list of jobs to do, while others enjoy having the company of their StayLancer with all their meals. Some HostLancers use StayLance as a way to improve their social life, meet people and make friends, while others just need someone to help out around their home a few hours a week. If you are a HostLancer who prefers to have your own space, mention this in your profile and StayOffer, and discuss it with your StayLancer before you make a StayDeal. 

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