StayLance was founded out of a collaboration between Simone, who has spent many years travelling and been a part of countless work exchange experiences, and Brendan, who has years of business experience in numerous countries around the world, and who was immediately intrigued by Simone’s passion for StayLance and her work exchange success stories.

Be sure to make everything very clear in your StayDeal and write it in the Stay Agreement. Clear communication helps ensure a smooth exchange so make sure you feel completely comfortable with the StayDeal you have agreed upon.

If there are any issues upon arrival or throughout your exchange, it is your responsibility to try and resolve the problem together or decide not to continue. We would always suggest that StayLancers have an alternative option in case the StayDeal does not go as planned.

We know reviews are very important in our community and as we are new, we don’t have many, so please help us by leaving a comment about your experience with StayLance and importantly, with your StayLancer or HostLancer! Reviews help us to build an open community based on trust. Be honest, you can always send us a private message.

Always be sure to have valid travel insurance.