Why should I be a StayLancer?

Do you want to travel to exotic destinations around the world, and do so on a shoestring? Do you have skills & talents that you could share in exchange for a home from home with a friendly Host?

5 reasons to join us!

  1. You enjoy new experiences and destinations while travelling in a world without borders.
  2. You have skills & talents that you would be willing to share in exchange for a safe space in a home from home
  3. You want to be immersed in the culture of your chosen travel destination with a local Host who will offer you a genuine traditional experience
  4. You are interested in making friends with people from different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles from your own
  5. You could learn something of value from your Host to take back home with you.

StayLance is created for people just like you! We are a global social network community who will open doors for you in destinations around the world. With a carefully designed platform and a wide range of friendly Hosts to welcome you into their homes at your dream destinations, all you need to pack are your skills & talents to share in exchange for an exciting and enlightening new experience.

If you have professional skills or interesting talents and feel like escaping the routine of your life for a while, then look no further. We have a wonderful community of friendly Hosts waiting to welcome people just like you into their home wherever you feel like travelling to.

Sign up now! Become part of our social network community and let StayLance make your life better.

What sort of StayDeals can I get?

There are all sorts of StayDeals out there! If you can imagine it, I’m sure there is someone out there who is willing to share their home or StaySpace in exchange for your skills & talents.
Exchanges all depend on what skills & talents you have to share; the more valuable your skill or talent, the more you can ask for in exchange. For example:

  • An experienced chiropractor from London who wants to escape the winter and head to the Caribbean for a month might offer to share a couple of healing sessions a week in exchange for an ensuite bedroom in a beach house with spectacular sea views. An extra healing session might earn a scuba diving lesson.
  • A permaculture gardener from New Zealand who wants to spend the European summer travelling round Europe could negotiate five mornings a week of gardening in exchange for a comfortable bedroom and all meals.
  • A web designer from India visiting New York could expect to work twenty-five flexible hours a week in exchange for a self-contained flat and some pocket money towards travel and food.
  • A farrier from Argentina visiting the Australian outback might ask for a log cabin and all meals in exchange for looking after the hooves of ten mustering horses. Some pocket money for carrying out extra tasks on the cattle station could also be negotiated while making the StayDeal.
  • A young woman from England who sings and plays the guitar could teach English to her Host’s children in Bali five evenings a week in exchange for an ensuite bedroom in their Ubud home and all her meals. She might also offer to teach the guitar to her Host in ex-change for being shown the sites around town.

I don’t have professional skills… can I still be a StayLancer?

StayLance is not just about sharing your professional skills and experience. Do you have a unique talent that you can share? Some Hosts aren’t necessarily looking for skilled sharers but are more interested in learning a new talent or meeting interesting people from different walks of life. There are lots of other reasons a Host might be interested in offering you a StayDeal. Have a look at these example:

  1. You have a unique talent such as playing the guitar, belly dancing, natural horse-manship or cooking.
  2. You are willing to exchange your talent(s), either by teaching your Hosts how to be as talented as you, using your talent to entertain them or contributing positively to their home/lifestyle.
  3. You speak a language that your Host would love to learn and that you would be hap-py to teach them.
  4. You are willing to share something else of value, such as your stories, culture, cuisine, music, books and so on.
  5. You are the life of the party and someone that others love to be around; you just make people happy by being you - there are Hosts who are just looking for fun peo-ple to bring joy to their lives!

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