What should I expect from HostLancers in exchange?

In exchange for four to five hours a day of sharing your unique skills & talents, as well as your professional experience, we recommend that HostLancers offer comfortable accommodation and all your meals. Of course, utilities and Wi-Fi should be included in this. However, once again, this is something you must negotiate before you close your StayDeal. If you are asked to work more hours, then your HostLancer should offer you a paid allowance equivalent to at least the minimum wage of their country of residence. 


All agreements and conditions will vary, and what you should expect from each HostLancer will be different in each situation. This is why we have designed our platform so that HostLancers can create StayOffers and StayLancers can negotiate and agree on a final StayDeal. Each StayOffer will depend on your skills & talents as well as the requirements of each HostLancer. We advise that you to communicate as much as possible during your negotiations with your HostLancer before closing your StayDeal, so that you are both clear on each other's expectations.

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