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Simone, 31

Give us a short caption for your Host profile. What inspires you?

Tell us a bit about yourself as a Host..

Sergio, 44

Programmer and IT specialist looking for peace

Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Play Guitar, Football, Thrash Metal

I'm just an IT specialist looking for peace and beautiful places to stay a short period of time. I have family and I like to travell with they. I'm openmind..

John, 50

Like meeting new people

Mediterranean, Cooking, Good vibes

Well travelled, now settled in rural Portugal.

Brandy, 36

writer & marketer on the go

Mediterranean, Pop

Been traveling the world since 2006 & ready to meet more wonderful people..

Ita, 32

I work with social media, photography and digital art.

Sushi, Drawing, Cooking,

I am from south of Brazil and I've been traveling since 2015. I lived in Dublin for one year, traveled in Europe for another year and I traveled for 2 months in South America. No I am living in northeast of Brazil. I have B.A. in Social Communication and I worked for years with digital marketing and since 2012 I work with photography. I also worked as a barista in two restaurants. Nowadays, I work as Internet Safety Evaluator, social media and photography. I want to keep traveling because I like to meet people, get to know their stories, experiences and I loe to keep learning. I want to live my life to the fullest. .

Sonja , 56

Volunteer with us, we have a beautiful garden with a stunning pool and pond

Mediterranean, Eating, Horse Riding, Pop

We life right next to the beach in a beautiful house. We love to cook cook food and have always visitors in the house. We like to enjoy life and a luxury life style. We have 2 beautiful dogs living with us..

Javier, 32

I love inspiring people to work with!

Pizza, Play Guitar, Heavy Metal

I´m a very dynamic person that love learn from everythign and everyone so i will open my live to you and i hope i can learn a lot about you and your life experience..

Batoro, 21

We are change makers !!!

Vegetarian, Music, Yoga, Live Music

The Project is all about creating an ecologically conscious and family-oriented community space on the beautiful island of Tenerife. Our finca is situated between the mountains and the northern coastline near to a small town untouched by tourism. We are a new project so there is a lot of exciting work to be done and the opportunity to really see how each day's work greatly contributes to the overall beauty and functionality of the project. As the project continues to develop so does the work, so we ask volunteers to have an open mind, peaceful attitude, and a hardworking spirit. Most of the work will be in the gardens and greenhouses planting, harvesting, and tending to our many fruits, vegetables, and other plants around the finca, however there is also plenty of structural and creative work to be done as well. We would love to host volunteers with knowledge and experience in gardening or construction, or anyone interested in learning more about these skills as well as how to live in community with others. In joining our project not only will volunteers have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of permaculture and the inner workings of an eco project but they will also be welcomed into a super friendly and forward thinking group of people which includes other volunteers and the many friends of the finca. We provide excellent meals, fresh out of our ecological garden with breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Fiday. We ask for a minimum stay of 45 days. In our experience it often takes volunteers a more then two weeks to feel fully connected to the vision of the project as well as the vibe of the finca and surrounding community, so volunteers interested in staying longer than 45 days are very happily welcome..

Augusto Cesar, 56

Confiando en el universo

Vegetarian, Pizza, Pasta, Football, Escuchar musica, Heavy Metal

Viajando por Europa y conociendo gente bella que me ayuda a permanecer en ruta.

Alexander, 50

We live in a beautiful wine region and enjoy meeting people by a cool glass of white wine

Asian, Football, Pop

We are a quite normal family living in the middle of Germany and look Forward to meet new People. :-).

Michael, 44

interesting Locations, Art, Music, CGN

Japanese, Asian, Music, Art, Rock

We know where you can stay or find your place to be;).

Júlio, 32

I'm an cultural producer and radialist. I work with art exhibition, furniture restoration, painting, lighting fixtures, chandeliers and decoration objects with waste products.

Vegetarian, Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Meat, Japanese, Italian, Eating, Pop

I started to travel about five years ago to learn english in Dublin, Ireland, for an year. After that I lived in Germany, Isle of Man, Spain and Turkey, and I went to visit Amsterdam, Prague, North Ireland, Lisbon, Sintra while I was in Europe. I have been working in those countrys with cultural production, art teacher, art exhibitions, decoration, furniture restoration, painting, lighting fixtures, chandeliers and decoration objects with waste products. In Germany I also worked with refugies from Siria to help them to be integrated with German customs and culture. I love to work hard to feel that I am really helping..

andrea verónica , 29

No hay tierras extrañas

Vegetarian, Italian, Eating, Pop

Soy profesora de teatro en dónde he desarrollado habilidades como improvisación; capacidad de comunicarme ; sociabilidad. Me gusta mucho tener tiempo para estar al aire libre; conectada con la naturaleza; meditar hacer yoga y conocer nuevos lugares. Soy muy organizada; me siento muy cómoda con la computacion y sus derivados programas; coordinar al grupo equipo de trabajo , control de calidad en una empresa. Por el momento estoy realizando un curso en IGA platos gourmet . .

Faye, 25

I love to get inspired by new places and impressions

Vegetarian, Indian, Yoga, Pop

Hey! I was born and raised in Spain, then moved to Berlin. During my business studies I recognised my strong passion for the marketing world, in which I am currently working. I would love to share all of my talents with you and start an exchange!.

Verónica, 56

Nos gusta conocer gente y hacer nuevos amigos.

Vegetarian, Pizza, Mexican, Meat, Italian, Eating, Bailar, Pop

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