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Simone, 32

Give us a short caption for your Host profile. What inspires you?

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Sergio, 44

Programmer and IT specialist looking for peace

Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Play Guitar, Football, Thrash Metal

I'm just an IT specialist looking for peace and beautiful places to stay a short period of time. I have family and I like to travell with they. I'm openmind..

Brandy, 37

writer & marketer on the go

Mediterranean, Pop

Been traveling the world since 2006 & ready to meet more wonderful people..

Ita, 32

I work with social media, photography and digital art.

Sushi, Drawing, Cooking,

I am from south of Brazil and I've been traveling since 2015. I lived in Dublin for one year, traveled in Europe for another year and I traveled for 2 months in South America. No I am living in northeast of Brazil. I have B.A. in Social Communication and I worked for years with digital marketing and since 2012 I work with photography. I also worked as a barista in two restaurants. Nowadays, I work as Internet Safety Evaluator, social media and photography. I want to keep traveling because I like to meet people, get to know their stories, experiences and I loe to keep learning. I want to live my life to the fullest. .

Alexander, 51

We live in a beautiful wine region and enjoy meeting people by a cool glass of white wine

Asian, Football, Pop

We are a quite normal family living in the middle of Germany and look Forward to meet new People. :-).

Michael, 44

interesting Locations, Art, Music, CGN

Japanese, Asian, Music, Art, Rock

We know where you can stay or find your place to be;).

Júlio, 33

I'm an cultural producer and radialist. I work with art exhibition, furniture restoration, painting, lighting fixtures, chandeliers and decoration objects with waste products.

Vegetarian, Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Meat, Japanese, Italian, Eating, Pop

I started to travel about five years ago to learn english in Dublin, Ireland, for an year. After that I lived in Germany, Isle of Man, Spain and Turkey, and I went to visit Amsterdam, Prague, North Ireland, Lisbon, Sintra while I was in Europe. I have been working in those countrys with cultural production, art teacher, art exhibitions, decoration, furniture restoration, painting, lighting fixtures, chandeliers and decoration objects with waste products. In Germany I also worked with refugies from Siria to help them to be integrated with German customs and culture. I love to work hard to feel that I am really helping..

andrea verónica , 29

No hay tierras extrañas

Vegetarian, Italian, Eating, Pop

Soy profesora de teatro en dónde he desarrollado habilidades como improvisación; capacidad de comunicarme ; sociabilidad. Me gusta mucho tener tiempo para estar al aire libre; conectada con la naturaleza; meditar hacer yoga y conocer nuevos lugares. Soy muy organizada; me siento muy cómoda con la computacion y sus derivados programas; coordinar al grupo equipo de trabajo , control de calidad en una empresa. Por el momento estoy realizando un curso en IGA platos gourmet . .

Faye, 25

I love to get inspired by new places and impressions

Vegetarian, Indian, Yoga, Pop

Hey! I was born and raised in Spain, then moved to Berlin. During my business studies I recognised my strong passion for the marketing world, in which I am currently working. I would love to share all of my talents with you and start an exchange!.

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