As a StayLancer, what am I expected to do?

It depends on your skills and talents. If you are highly qualified and experienced in your professional field, then you might negotiate a StayDeal exchange that is fewer hours of work for greater benefits. However, generally for most StayLancers the recommended number of hours are four to five hours a day five days a week. Jobs should not be something that your HostLancer wouldn’t do. If your health or safety feels threatened then you can always refuse to complete the task, but the HostLancer may ask you to leave their property. You should never feel obligated to carry out work that make you feel uncomfortable or in danger. HostLancers should always provide health and safety equipment and training. You may occasionally get a hard or nasty job (e.g. shovelling horse dung or cleaning toilets) but this is normal. HostLancers will generally balance things out so that you have fun and interesting tasks more often than not, particularly if you are highly skilled & talented. 

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