How can I be sure that the place I am going to will meet my expectations?

Okay, so maybe you have been dreaming of going to the Maldives for years, but do you think that the StayDeals and HostLancers on those pristine white beaches are a match for you? Are you well suited? First off, do you think that they might be interested in what you have to share? Will your skills & talents benefit them in some way? Secondly, it might look like paradise, but can the HostLancer provide you with the living standards that you are comfortable with? Some StayLancers might be happy sleeping on a beach in a hammock and heading into the jungle with a spade. You might be more used to a four-poster bed with mosquito nets, a ceiling fan, high speed wi-fi, an ensuite bathroom and a lavatory that flushes! Don’t go too far out of your comfort zone. Communicate your needs clearly while negotiating your StayDeal so you both know what to expect. 

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