What should I do if things don't work out?

There are times when reality doesn’t meet your expectations. For whatever reason things become challenging and/or uncomfortable. We encourage our members to take a step back and reflect on whether it is down to personality clashes, cultural differences, miscommunication or unreasonable expectations from either party. It is always best to keep calm if things don’t work out, don’t take things personally and try to be philosophical about it. Remember either party can decide to finish the arrangement at any point. We also highly recommend that you have a backup plan. If, however you think the situation is serious and puts either the HostLancer or the StayLancer at risk then we want to hear about it. StayLance always takes your concerns seriously and will investigate both sides of the story and, if necessary, take appropriate action. Please remember that StayLance is essentially a platform to allow members to connect with each other either, make StayOffers and negotiate StayDeals. Any arrangements and agreements made through the platform are your responsibility. 

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