Why is it necessary to leave reviews?

We encourage both HostLancers and StayLancers to leave reviews for the following reasons. A review is a great way for both parties to get a better idea of what they are going into. It provides transparency and clarity to other members. It helps the cream of the crop to rise to the surface, as the best HostLances and StayLancers will receive 5* reviews. Members with consistently great reviews will receive recognition by receiving the label of ‘Super HostLancer’ or ‘Super StayLancer’. 

Leaving reviews also enables those with negative experiences to voice their concerns. The safety of all members of our community is our priority, and negative reviews can warn others of a HostLancer or StayLancer who may not share the same values as StayLance. If you have a bad experience, then our community will want to know, and if it is a good one, then we will certainly want to know! 

There may be times when you do not want to leave a negative review openly because you might be worried that it would reflect badly on you, or that you will receive a bad review in return, in which case we encourage you to email us in confidence about any negative experiences. We will investigate any concerns you communicate to us very seriously.

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